Visual & Web Design

My Role
Web Designer
Creative Direction
Visual/UX Designer
May-Aug 2020

Websites Reflect Your Brand

A website is often the sole way to notify potential customers about your company. As a result, having a properly designed website that can successfully present your products or services to potential clients not just on desktops, but also on tablets and phones, is critical.

Boost a Company's Brand

"Strategically align a company's brand by boosting the appearance of their website, marketing and social media efforts."

At Enspire Healthcare and Saulsbury Industries, I have lead my teams in the trenches developing and or re-designing our company websites while taking advantage over our competition and effectively presenting our company's objectives, products, and services.

In all of the companies I've served, I supervised and designed:

  • Website re-design
  • Created HTML & CSS digital assets for web and mobile
  • Implemented SEO best practices
  • Established social media presence
  • Planned and executed sales campaigns/landing pages
  • Hired/Recruited design talent
  • Re-design front end intranets
  • Strategize and report on web traffic
  • Present and implement KPIs to executive leadership

Create Compelling Designs in Both Static & Dynamic Forms

To help a company grow, especially in a tech startup case(Enspire), having the ability to lead a cross disciplinary team as both an artistic creative and design problem solver is a foundational necessity for exponential growth. In my experience establishing this foundation include designing digital assets for web, emails, landing pages, marketing promotion, core marketing assets and digital/social assets.

In order to achieve this, my responsibility was:

  1. Lead complex projects across multiple platforms
  2. Review and evaluate project activities for compliance with guidelines
  3. Improve product quality and design from research/expertise
  4. Collaborates internally while representing the organization to cross-functional partners and key stakeholders