Video Production

My Role
Creative Direction
Digital Designer
Brand Designer
Graphic Designer
2010 - 2022

Video Marketing & Production

Video Marketing is so important in today's time as everything is moving so fast towards a digital market space. Video is expected to continue to dominate in the marketplace this year and next. According to Hubspot, adding video to your websites and landing pages can boost conversions by 80%. So adding the video element to our marketing and promotion channel played a huge success in converting prospect clients and helping our client engage with their employees.

End-to-End Project Management

"Lock in a solid video strategy because when people press play, you see results."

At Enspire Healthcare and Saulsbury Industries, I have recruited talented design and video production talent as well established professional partnerships with production companies and agencies. Where I found the most success in creating a successful video/campaign is establishing a solid project management process that can capture all of the large and small tasks needed to complete a successful production.

In all of the video projects I've lead, I have followed these core stages:

  1. Pre-Production: Ideation/planning/goal setting for campaigns, script writing, hiring talent, scheduling and budgeting.
  2. Production: Recording, reviewing, and editing/revising.
  3. Post Production: Audio, voice narration, graphics, animations and other brand assets.
  4. Distribution/Marketing: Distribution plan is implemented and promo checklist created.
  5. Reporting & Analytics: Intake, review and build strategy around data.

Video Production Experience

Working with Saulsbury, Enspire and my non-profit Triumph Junior Golf, I have lead many marketing campaigns that collaborated both small and large video productions companies:

  • Client App Demo: Penske, TRS Health, etc
  • Product Promotion: Enspire Symptom Tracker
  • Brand/Marketing Promotion: Enspire Marketing and Commercial Videos
  • Commercials & Advertising
  • Expert Interviews
  • Training Video Assets