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WEB + E-commerce
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Project Description

Undefeated King Podcast recognized the importance of reaching their audience through online platforms and sought our expertise to establish an e-commerce presence. They aimed to create an immersive shopping experience for their listeners and enthusiasts. With their team, I embarked on a comprehensive project, designing and developing an e-commerce website that seamlessly integrated their podcast content with a user-friendly online store. The website allowed visitors to explore episodes, browse merchandise, and make secure purchases, all within a cohesive and engaging digital environment.

Additionally, I established an Etsy storefront to expand Undefeated King Podcast's reach to a wider audience. This platform served as an additional avenue for enthusiasts to discover and purchase merchandise related to the podcast. Throughout the project, I focused on creating an intuitive user experience, incorporating appealing visuals, smooth navigation, and streamlined checkout processes. The result was an e-commerce website and Etsy storefront that aligned with the podcast's brand identity while providing a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience for their loyal listeners.

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