Saulsbury Website

Creative Direction
Visual/UX Designer
Creative Strategy

Project Description

Saulsbury Industries, a leading heavy industrial contractor in the US, embarked on a comprehensive company re-branding effort, and I played a pivotal role in their website re-design project. To ensure a successful outcome, I took charge of establishing an agency vendor and overseeing the entire project from start to finish. Our objective was to create a website that truly reflected Saulsbury Industries' brand identity and effectively communicated their expertise and capabilities in the heavy industrial sector. Through meticulous planning and collaboration with the agency, we embarked on a journey of research, ideation, and execution.

From conceptualizing the user experience and conducting user testing to crafting visually captivating designs and developing interactive prototypes, we worked through various design sprints to completely transform Saulsbury Industries' website. Ultimately, we delivered a comprehensive package consisting of annotated wireframes, visual design assets, and a style guide, empowering their internal team to bring the new website to life. The successful completion of the project positioned Saulsbury Industries as a frontrunner in their industry, showcasing their professionalism and commitment to innovation.

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